Le Montmartre’s tips to spend a delightful Easter at the office!!

The Easter bunnies are on their way and it is time for some fun in the office! Easter is not only a good excuse to eat chocolate, but also a great opportunity to boost employees’ motivation, create unity through celebration, and put smiles on their faces with some small treats.

Here are a few tips to create a nice atmosphere and celebrate Easter in your office! 

   1. Decoration.

Yes, there will be chocolate! First, however, let’s think about the office itself! The office is the place where all the magic happens, but it tends to always look the same. Why not invigorate the atmosphere with some colour to surprise your magicians? Nothing too difficult! Some garlands here, some hanging eggs there… even little bunnies and chicks in quirky places and the office will come to life with the spirit of Easter. To make it easy, Le Montmartre can supply you with some Easter garlands or even with chocolate eggs sitting snuggly in a nest!

   2. Activities

Wouldn’t it be a great idea to take a break during the day to go on a traditional Egg Hunt? You can easily hide little treats around the office for your co-workers to have fun hunting down. Another tip from Le Montmartre is to have an Easter outfit contest. Everyone can add an accessory to their outfit in the spirit of Easter. This will bring some good laughs to the office for sure! A reward for the best egg hunter or funniest outfit could be a great way to motivate everyone.

​   3.  Food

After a fun and motivating egg hunt, everyone can take a seat and enjoy some food. Le Montmartre would recommend the traditional Hot Cross Buns! They will be provided on a platter lusciously loaded with 10 hot cross buns and some salted butter. You can order them along with pastries for breakfast or mini baguettes for lunch.

We sincerely hope that our Easter tips will be a way for you and your co-workers to spend a wonderful day full of surprises and in good spirits!

It is always a pleasure for Le Montmartre to cater for you on all of your special occasions!

From Le Montmartre’s team to yours.

Happy Easter! Joyeuses Pâques!

Delicious hot cross buns, spiced and fruited with sultanas, raisins & currants, provided with butter portions, on a platter for 10 pers. 
You can order them for your Easter party by clicking here!